About us

My Last Wish (MUC) is a company specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling funeral coffers, usually called coffins. The company was founded by Jesus Manzanaro Vega and it is located at Camuñas (Toledo), this let us develop all processes in Spain.

All of us are involved in manufacturing process, since idea borns in customers mind, it is design by computer and manufactured by artisans until the final delivery to our customer. We are in front of strong traditions with our new vision of doing this process. We are focused on innovation, design, luxury, customization and artisan work with never keep an eye on elegance, respect and functionality.

Pedro Bueno whittling our first ark

We can make any design or idea that comes to mind

All the manufacturing product stages are carefully monitored and controlled to pass the most strict quality controls. Due to this point we can ensure since product design to delivery we are going to satisfy the customer expectations. In our funeral coffers manufacturing process we apply sustainability and respect envoiromental policies wich are required by current regulations.

Our team are highly qualified and you will be adviced by them during all process whatever you need. Our customers receive a warm welcome , a personalized attention and all their needs and requirements are satisfied.

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