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Every project begins in customer mind, it is at this point when we take over in doing a customized an unique design to our customer can see and ask for changes before the funeral coffer was manufactured by the artisans. Design process is made by computer and customer can choose all funeral coffer details. Our company rules assure there no will be two identical coffers, we do not use satandar parts, every funeral coffer will be unique in design, size, ergonomics and functionality according to taste, personality, religión beliefs and customer lifestyle. Our funeral coffers are luxury and stylish products to adapted to everyone style.

Render design by computer.

Ark manufacturing process


After we have the manufacturing plans, our artisan Pedro Bueno (he is known as one of the best Spain carvers) and his team are responsable in hard-carving each relief and funeral coffer details. Only high quality woods and ecological glazes are used during all the process to ensure the enviromental care. This manual manufacturing process and the artisans work allows the beautiful reliefs an forms that could not be obtain in an industrial way.

After finishing wood carving, our coffers are lined, embroidered and padded inside, also following requests from our customers. They can decide about the color and drawing embroidery.

According to manually lift gripping the funeral coffers, we have a new system in front of traditional handles. We made a circumferential groove at the bottom which allows put the hands inside the funeral coffer. This system is invisible to people eyes and do not disturb in relief and carver works.


In My Last Wish, we have a special delivery system, we send the final result to funeral home only when it is needed. Funeral coffers are classified and stored until the day our customer needs. All the orders are processed through the insurance or funeral homes.

Product finish .

Urns detail.

New Product. Urns

The carving of the urn is personalized according to the client’s idea, be it a bust of the loved one, an object, a memory ….